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"What's the perfect blend of   New Orleans R&B and 

 Brazilian Soul called?  
 Luciano Leães & the Big Chiefs 
 The Power of Love! Que legal!"  


Musical Producer and Keyboardist 
(B.B. King and Albert King) 

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 “Luciano is one of these amazing cats who   plays blues, R&B and New Orleans-style   keyboards so well and with so much soul that   after you hear him, you’ll want to do one of   two things: (1) quit, or (2) go practice and try   like hell to catch up.

One of the baddest cats  out there on the scene,

end of story...” 

  Chuck Berry's Pianist  




 “Luciano Leaes really knocked out the musically-astute  full house at this year’s Booker Birthday Bash with his   trademark blend of passion, energy, virtuosity, charm and  humor.  His ability to honor Booker’s brilliance while putting  his own stamp on the music was impressive, and his easy  manner with the audience very appealing.”  

Award-winning Radio Producer, Host and Jazz Critic




"The Power of Love - the new album from Luciano Leães and the Big Chiefs, certainly is an album people will be talking about for years to come. Leães' mastery of the ivories is full of expression, a take on all his favorite players from the past but with forward momentum. Listening to The Power of Love's eleven songs is rather like falling down the rabbit hole in Wonderland and having a marvelous adventure complete with images and a multisensory experience. This will be the album you will listen to all summer long”  


Nashville Music Producer who worked with names such as Michael Jackson, Leon Russell, Muddy Waters, among others



Luciano Leaes_2018_12_Daniel_Fontana_201

To affirm Luciano Leães as one of the best blues and R&B musicians of current times is no exaggeration. In the words of Bob Lohr, Chuck Berry’s pianist for more than 10 years, “Luciano is one of the most amazing rhythm and blues New Orleans style musicians. He plays so well and with so much soul that if you happened to be a pianist, after hearing him perform, you would do one of two things: abandon it or practice more. He is definitely one of the best guys who plays New Orleans classic style.

For more than 5 years, this Brazilian musician has performed regularly in bars, nightclubs, events and major festivals worldwide. Credited with four Açorianos Music Awards, his debut CD, “The Power of Love” (2015), is a testament to his talent as a musician and a composer. The album was mixed in Porto Alegre by music wizard Paulo Arcari at StudioRock and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) by North American sound engineer and producer Russ Ragsdale, renowned for his extensive experience with artists including Michael Jackson, MuddyWaters, Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, and the Travelling Wilburys. The producer stated, “This is one album that people will continue to listen to in the years to come. Leães command and skill on the keyboard together with the way he expresses himself and seeks the influence of his favorite artists brings the past to a current perspective. Listening to the eleven tracks on The Power of Love is like falling into the rabbit’s hole from Alice in Wonderland providing an incredible experience of multisensory images.”

In the words of Ron Levy, American producer and musician who played with BB King and Albert King, “What is the perfect mix between New Orleans R&B and Brazilian soul? Luciano Leães & The Big Chiefs ‘The Power of Love'”

Leães has shared the stage with important international Blues artists such as Carey Bell, Magic Slim, Earl Thomas, Hubert Summlin, Larry McCray, Wee Willie Walker, and John Primer amongst others. As sideman, Leães toured the USA and Europe with singer Annika Chambers, winner of the best singer of soul and blues at the 2019 Blues Music Awards. At the end of 2018, he released a live version of “Song for JB”. The single was a result of a recording from a show with the Unisinos Anchieta Orchestra. Conducted by Evandro Matte, the theme had an arrangement by Alexandre Ostrovoski Junior. The single won an award from a renowned blues North American radio station WWOZ, and led to a mini-tour through the south of the United States.

“Luciano blew the public away with his musicality. He plays with a mixture of passion, energy, talent, charm and humor. When performing songs of his idols, he manages to imprint his own mark in his concerts. Watching him play live is impressive in the way he plays with ease and enchants his public”, declared Fred Kasten, broadcaster of WWOZ. Fascinated by the artistic legacy of New Orleans, Luciano Leães is currently preparing his next tour of the north American city. He has become a well-known figure on the local scene having played at the meccas of north american music like Maple Leaf, Tipitina and the Jazz and Heritage Festival. In the upcoming months, this musician is preparing new material that seeks the roots of north-American black music while probing into the inroads and crossroads of Caribbean sonority. At the same time, focusing on the rich heritage that Brasil shares not forgetting the influence of south American traditional folk music.


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